Software Technology Migration

Software technologies have been changing constantly and rapidly. As a result, the older software systems start showing their signs of age. Migrating your software to a newer mainstream technology provides a significant number of benefits for your business.

Types of Software Migration We Offer

Application Platform Migration into .Net (Windows or Browser-Based)

We can migrate the following software technologies into Microsoft .Net:

Database Platform Migration

Rich Client Application Conversion into Browser-Based Solution

In many cases, web clients offer advantages over rich client applications:
This type of conversion may not be suitable in cases when your application directly communicates with specialized hardware devices or has extremely rich and dynamic user interfaces.

Software Consolidation

We can turn your isolated software systems into a single data center operation. This type of conversion can provide huge benefits for your business including:

Application Migration from Local Server Hosting into The Cloud

Cloud computing is a great option for small and fast growing businesses as it minimizes your initial investment in hardware and lets you scale up your capacity extremely fast (disk space, computing power, network bandwidth, etc.)

Our Approach to Software Migration Projects

Signs Your Software System Needs Migration

  1. You can no longer run your system on the new hardware and/or new operating systems.
  2. Significant efforts of your IT department are required to keep your system up and running.
  3. You experience a constant shortage of your IT resources.
  4. You face growing dissatisfaction and degraded productivity among the users of the system.
  5. Time/budget estimates for adjustments and enhancements to the system become unreasonable.
  6. Integration of your system with other products and technologies you use or consider using becomes harder or impossible.
  7. Your system restricts or prevents changes to your business workflow by imposing artificial constraints on your operations.
  8. You no longer have access to the customer support for the tools and components used in your system.
  9. Your software performance degrades as your volumes of data, operations and users increase.

Software Technology Migration Benefits

Performance Better performance of your business software directly translates in better productivity of your employees and reduction of user errors.
Scalability Scalable software system better accommodates the growth of your business. You will be able to process higher volumes of data, transactions, and concurrent users with no or little performance impact.
Compatibility Better compatibility allows you to run your software on a wider variety of hardware platforms and operating systems, making hardware and infrastructure updates easier and enabling less expensive alternatives. It enables access to a wide variety of commercial-grade components, tools, and control libraries. Integration with other software products becomes simpler.
Supportability It becomes easier to hire and retain IT resources for support and further development of your software system. Training time and expenses for new staff members are reduced. It minimizes time/cost needed to make adjustments to system functionality.
Availability High availability systems dramatically reduce downtime caused by hardware malfunctions and power blackouts.
Security Properly implemented database security and access control makes it extremely hard to steal your data.
Mobility Your system becomes accessible from mobile devices and over mobile networks making your employees more productive while traveling or working off-site.
Value The value of your software gets increased for investors and potential buyers.